Social Resposibility

Our employees and company has taken a firm stand on the grounds of generosity and support for the downtrodden and the under privileged. To maximize our impact in supporting worthy local and global causes, Syed Holdings established a global Charitable Mission Statement in 2010. It is the mission of Syed Holdings to place a strong foothold regarding the causes and technologies which assist in advancing the lives of young people around the world and in the communities where we work and live.

This charitable mission is consistent with our core business operation and through our combined efforts has allowed Syed Holdings as a company to have an impact and be recognized as a global supporter of this important mission statement. As a team, Syed Holdings has united our focus, time and money behind causes which will become a force multiplier and provide us the ability to place our global footprint behind our mission. By supporting causes which are consistent with this mission in our local communities and our global population, we have begun the journey to fulfill our charitable mission.

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